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Established in 2008, SZFEAT is now a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacture of non-standard industrial automation precision cleaning equipment and cleaning-related supportive equipment. Besides, the company has also been dedicated to the marketing and after-sale services for the above equipment. The company has set its technology, quality and development goals and strategies, which include the following aspects: the company’s vision is “Endeavoring to become a centennial enterprise, creating world-famous brands, winning respect for Chinese people”; its corporate culture is “Innovation, Creation, Fineness and Good Performance; and its quality guideline is “To Make Improving A Continuous and Never-ending Process”. In short, based on the above efforts, the company is expected to develop into an internationalized company with advanced technology and excellent products, winning customers’ acclaims widely. The goals of SZFEAT are justified by its achievements. For example, it has accumulated more than ten years of experience in research, development and production of precision cleaning equipment; it has twenty years of experience in use and maintenance of cleaning equipment; it has more than thirty patents and nearly one thousand users; it has accumulated more than three thousand cleaning equipment keeping in normal operation at users’ sites. These achievements have built up SZFEAT’s great influence and reputation in industry.

The list of achievements shall also include a series of milestones occurred in the following years: SZFEAT passed ISO9001 quality management system in 2009; it expanded its business to automobiles industry in 2010; it entered electronic industry in 2012; it exported its products to Japan, Republic of Korea and Southeast Asia in 2014; it involved itself into semiconductor industry in 2016; it established master’s degree mobiles research station in 2017; it was rated as non-public scientific and technological enterprise in 2018; it is honored as national new high-tech enterprise in 2019. Moreover, SZFEAT has established two production bases located in Suzhou and Shenzhen respectively, two branch companies in Beijing and Chongqing, three offices in Xi’an, Shenyang and Guiyang respectively and two overseas sales services centers distributed in Singapore and Vietnam. SZFEAT is able to provide good services covering the whole chain from pre-sale, during-sale to after-sale procedures both in China and Southeast Asia.

       The signature products of SZFEAT include non-standard customized precision cleaning equipment such as multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machines, through-type ultrasonic spray cleaning machines, rotary high-pressure spray cleaning machines, vortex (spiral) type cleaning machines, automatic hydrocarbon precision cleaning equipment, pure water treatment equipment, cleaning wastewater concentration equipment and cleaning Liquid recycling equipment. “SZFEAT” brand equipment has been widely used in semiconductor, photovoltaic glass, optical instruments, consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive parts, electromechanical hydraulics, precision hardware, mechanical heavy industry, new energy, surface treatment, biomedical, nuclear power industry, national defense military, research institutions and other industries.

For the past years, SZFEAT has been adhering to the service concepts of “Quality Decides Survival While Service Embraces Future” as well as the quality guideline. As a result, SZFEAT explores the frontiers of technology and provides the environmentally friendly precision cleaning equipment leading in technology worldwide. In the future, SZFEAT will further enhance its managerial level and develop itself into a benchmarking enterprise in precision cleaning industry through institutional innovation, technology innovation, resources integration and talent team cultivation.



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